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Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan

2 Introduction

  • Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bracknell
  • How the Neighbourhood Plan fits into the Planning System
  • History and Development of Bracknell
  • Population
  • Key Issues
  • A Vision for Bracknell
  • Key Themes
  • Key Objectives

3 Environment and community


  • Foreword
  • Policies
    • EV 1 Community Leisure Provision: active Open Space Public Value (OSPV)
    • EV 2 Community Leisure Provision: passive Open Space Public Value (OSPV)
    • EV 3 Protection & Maintenance of Local Green Space: Designation Thereof
    • EV 4 Tree Heritage: Avenues of Trees
    • EV 5 Tree Landscape Character
    • EV 6 Tree Heritage Protection
    • EV 7 Trees as a Visual Amenity
    • EV 8 Allotments
    • EV 9 Cemetery Space
    • EV 10 Watercourses and River Corridors
    • EV 11 Air Quality


  • Foreword
  • Policies
    • EV 12 Arts Centre: South Hill Park
    • EV 13 Colocation of Community Facilities
    • EV 14 Protection of Community Facilities

      Actions to take for the future:

      • Action 1 Urgent Care Centre Opening Hours
      • Action 2 Urgent Care Centre Pharmacy
      • Action 3 Sustainable Regional & Town Health Infrastructure Planning
      • Action 4 Transport to Hospitals
      • Action 5 Retention of Current Town Location for Ambulance Services
      • Action 6 Retention of Current Town Locations for GP Surgeries
      • Action 7 Sheltered Housing and Nursing Home Space
      • Action 8 Crematorium as a Heat Source
      • Action 9 Wildlife Habitats and Biodiversity
      • Action 10 Wildlife Corridors and Roadside Nature Reserves

      Projects to think about for a Future - Greener - Utility Infrastructure:

      • Living Wall Project
      • LED Street Lights Project
      • Robots to Repair Street Lights ... project
      • Bin Lorry Cameras to Map Potholes ... project
      • Thames Valley Vision Project

4 Heritage

  • Foreword
  • Parks
  • Policies
    • HE 1 Protection of Parkland Features of Historic Parks and Gardens
    • HE 2 Protection of Heritage Assets
    • HE 3 Heritage Assets, Historical Buildings and their Settings

5 Housing and character


  • Foreword
  • Policies
    • HO 1 Matching Housing Supply to Demand
    • HO 2 Housing Mix
    • HO 3 Infill & Backland Development
    • HO 4 Houses in Multiple Occupation
    • HO 5 Driveways & Hardstandings on Front Gardens
    • HO 6 Managing the Streetscape
    • HO 7 Private Gardens: Green Space Biodiversity Corridors

      Actions to take for the future:

      • Action 11 Environmentally Friendly Gardens
      • Action 12 SAP Ratings for Dwellings
      • Action 13 Internal Facilities for the Storage, Sorting & Disposal of Waste
    • HO 8 Home Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • HO 9 Buildings: Energy Efficiency & Generation


  • Foreword

    The Building of Bracknell Town

    Six Issues on The Future Design of Bracknell Town:

    1. Gateways into the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan Area
    2. Integrating the Horizontal and the Vertical
    3. Specific Building heights & their integration with the Town Centre Architecture
    4. Regeneration & Intensification of Building in the Town Centre
    5. Flats from Offices in and around the Town Centre
    6. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  • Policies
    • HO 10 Buildings: Local Character
    • HO 11 Buildings: Good Quality Design

6 Economy and employment

  • Foreword
    • Bracknell's Place in the South East of England
    • Bracknell: Current Issues
    • Bracknell: Business Types and Employment Sites
  • Policies
    • EC 1 Employment and Enterprise: Small Business and Retail Units
    • EC 2 Micro and Small Businesses
    • EC 3 Neighbourhood Shopping Centres: Day to Day Requirements
    • EC 4 Bracknell and Wokingham College and Bracknell Open Learning Centre
    • EC 5 Town Centre Future Development Sites: Mixed Housing and Retail Uses
    • EC 6 Broadband

      Action to take for the future:

      • Action 14 Planning Bracknell's Systems Integration

7 Transport and infrastructure

  • Foreword

    Transport Infrastructure

  • Policies
    • TR 1 Cycleways
    • TR 2 Cycleways and Footpaths
    • TR 3 Cycle racks
    • TR 4 Garage Block Areas: Configuration and Use
    • TR 5 School Drop-off and Pick-Up Areas
    • TR 6 Buses
    • TR 7 Public Toilets in Bracknell Town Centre
    • TR 8 Roads and Transport: Traffic and the Environment

      Action to take for the future:

      • Action 15 Rail: Train Capacity
      • Action 16 Airport: Heathrow
      • Action 17 Encouraging alternative fuel use on the Bagshot Road
      • Action 18 Provision of further facilities for electric vehicle charging points

8 Character of Bracknell Town Neighbourhoods

9 Ward Sections, 15 Maps & 97 Photos

9 List of Appendices

10 Appendices contents

11 References

12 Illustrations List

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Download the entire Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan (96MB)

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Ordnance Survey maps are reproduced with the permission of Her Majesty's Stationery Office using:
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Thank you:

Special thanks are due to Chris Atkins, BFBC for all his maps, Cllr Sarah Peacey BFBC for her sympathetic advice, Anne Mackay for her grasp of statistics, to Chris Bowden for his rigorous planning knowledge and to everyone who helped with explanations, information and by giving their time.

Outside Bracknell, the work of the Exeter St James, Great Aycliffe and Frome Neighbourhood Plans set a high standard to follow.

WRITING the Plan:

It was Russell Reeve, then BTC Town Clerk, who focussed the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group's attention on this quote by James Derounian of the University of Gloucestershire in the draft Thame Neighbourhood Plan:

There is the conundrum of writing a community-based plan that is simultaneously intelligible to the citizen while being sufficiently robust and precise in terms of wording to withstand legal challenge (and) practically usable by planners in deciding individual permissions ...

We hope this plan has solved it.


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