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Birch Hill Toilets Re-Open

14th July 2023 Posted in Council News

As of Friday 14th of July 2023, Birch Hill residents and visitors will have access to state-of-the-art facilities as Birch Hill Toilets proudly reopens its doors after a period of closure due to renovations. Bracknell Town Council expresses its deepest gratitude to the community for their patience during this period and is delighted to present these enhanced facilities, designed to uphold the principles of dignity, accessibility, and inclusivity.

The newly revamped Birch Hill Toilets feature an innovative addition—a fully accessible Changing Places facility. Recognising the importance of providing inclusive amenities, the Council has taken proactive measures to ensure that individuals with specific needs can enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience. This new facility adheres to the highest accessibility standards and offers a range of features, underscoring our commitment to fostering an inclusive community for all.

Changing Places facilities are paramount in empowering individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. Understanding the diverse needs of our community members, Bracknell Town Council partnered with Bracknell Forest Council to apply for a grant from Changing Places which has enabled Birch Hill Toilets to be equipped with a range of amenities. These include height-adjustable adult-sized changing benches, hoists, sufficient space for wheelchair manoeuvrability, and additional supportive equipment, ensuring a safe and dignified experience for all who utilise these facilities.

By introducing a unisex layout, Birch Hill Toilets aim to eliminate any barriers or limitations associated with traditional gender-segregated toilets. This inclusive design fosters a sense of equality and ensures that everyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, can access facilities comfortably and without prejudice.

The Birch Hill Toilets will operate from 8 am to 6 pm all week, accommodating the needs of the community throughout the day. These convenient hours are intended to cater to a broad range of visitors, be it local residents, shoppers, or those enjoying the nearby Hedgehog Park.

Bracknell Town Council remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of its community members. The reopening of Birch Hill Toilets, with its new unisex layout and fully accessible Changing Places facility, marks an important milestone in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art amenities that prioritise dignity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Birch Hill Toilets is more than just a facility—it symbolises our collective endeavour to create a community that embraces and supports the diverse needs of every individual.


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