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Bracknell Bees win 6-3!

14th September 2018 Posted in Community News

Bracknell Town Mayor Cllr Sandra Ingham enjoyed an evening at the Bracknell Bees vs Romford Raiders ice hockey match held on Sunday 9th at John Nike ice rink, all the more so as Bracknell Bees won 6-3. Bracknell Town Mayor dropped the puck to start the match, presented a prize to the man of the match from both teams and took part in a Bracknell Bees team photo at the end of the evening.

Bracknell Town Mayor extends a special thank you to Bracknell Bees supporters for contributing during the match intervals to the Mayor’s charity: youth at South Hill Park Arts Centre.

“I learnt a lot about ice hockey rules, very quickly, as the pace of the match moves briskly, with players coming on and off the ice as soon as they tire. With The Bees scoring six goals and many near misses there was never a dull moment,” said Bracknell Town Mayor Cllr Sandra Ingham.

Local companies are invited to sponsor this season’s Bracknell Bees matches and all interested parties should contact

Bracknell Bees are launching a new Schools Programme over the coming weeks in order to give back to local school communities. Those schools signing up to the Programme will have access to:

  • School visits from the Team for assemblies or lessons on fitness, healthy eating and Ice Hockey training etc.
  • Educational videos that can be used to assist learning.
  • Discounted tickets for parents and children on Saturday Matches.
  • Staff discount tickets.
  • Access to discounted rates from The Bees Partners.
  • Prizes for fund raising events.
  • Tickets for an allocated School Match during the season for school’s to use as part of their reward systems.


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