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Bracknell Town Council maintains support for South Hill Park in budget

28th February 2019 Posted in Community News

Bracknell Town Council approved its 2019/20 budget on 26 February. The grant support for South Hill Park will be maintained at £135,000 for the year, and a range of other community groups will also receive grants.

The precept for the year will remain unchanged, as will the fees to the public for Council services.

In his budget speech, Cllr Chris Turrell, leader of the council, said:

“An eventful year for Bracknell Town Council will come to a climax with the opening of the council’s largest ever building project in the spring – the new pavilion at Great Hollands.

We move forward to another year of providing good quality sports pitches, parks and play areas. We are also moving to take over three play areas from Bracknell Forest Council which would otherwise be closed.

The Budget for 2019/20 faces up to a number of challenges: staffing costs and pension scheme contributions, and the rising cost of energy. Excellent work has been done to take the Council further towards reducing its carbon footprint, sourcing more sustainable supplies.

Utility costs have risen, especially water, and work is under way to take this in hand. The cost of elections has risen due to security considerations, and contingency funds have been set aside for this increase. We are also looking to provide replacement vehicles, perhaps electric vehicles.

Grants will be made to a variety of Local organisations, and I am grateful to councillors for their careful consideration of these. We will also be maintaining our support to South Hill Park with a grant, under the conditions introduced last year. A new board is in place at South Hill Park with new skills.

We have looked carefully at our fees and charges, to ensure that they remain realistic. Our fees will stay the same in 2019/20. I am pleased to recommend that our precept remain unchanged for a second successive year: £83.66 at Band D, or £1.61 per week per household for all this council’s services.

Overall, a range of exciting projects have been delivered, good quality services have been provided, and grant support for community groups has been maintained with no rise in fees or precept.”


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