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Bracknell Town Council takes major steps towards reducing carbon footprint

25th March 2019 Posted in Community News

In 2017 Bracknell Town Council, recognising the pressing issue of climate change and air pollution, committed to reducing its carbon footprint.  A Working Group was established, led by Cllr Dr Peter Hill, and a 10 year programme was written to deliver on this commitment. Bracknell Town Council upkeeps 33 parks in the Bracknell area along with other woodlands and green areas and as such is very environmentally conscious and aware of the impact of our carbon footprint.

Bracknell Town Council is proud to announce that new renewable energy contracts have now been secured which will reduce the Council’s carbon footprint by over 60% from 2021 onwards.  The renewable gas and electricity energy is certified as coming from renewable sources.  Bracknell Town Council is also pleased to announce the new Great Hollands Pavilion is using renewable energy for all electricity and gas!

Commenting on this exciting development Cllr Dr Peter Hill said “I’m incredibly proud of the progress our Working Group and the Council has made since 2017.  By sourcing our electricity and gas from renewable sources we will be able to make a huge cut to our carbon footprint with no additional cost to the taxpayer.  I believe we’re achieving our aim of providing leadership to other organisations by demonstrating that saving the earth doesn’t have to cost the earth.  I look forward to seeing other public and private organisations following our lead.”

The Council is now exploring further projects such as the use of electric vehicles and machinery which will cut the carbon footprint even further.


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