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Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation

A consultation on the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan will run from

10 am on Monday 7th January 2019 to 5pm on Monday 18th February 2019.

This will be followed by examination of the plan by an independent inspector.

This latest stage in the Plan’s progress was approved by Bracknell Forest Council’s executive on 18 December. As the local planning authority, Bracknell Forest Council will run the consultation.

The plan has been worked on by a group of Bracknell Town councillors and residents since 2013. It contains a range of policies covering protection of local green space, environment, the local economy and employment, and local character and heritage.

After the public consultation, the Plan will be submitted for independent examination. If it successfully passes through the required stages, the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan will be ‘made’ (bought into legal force) and will form part of the Bracknell Forest Development Plan and be used in the determination of planning applications relating to land in Bracknell Town.

Cllr Chris Turrell, chair of the Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: “This is a significant step on what has been a longer journey than we anticipated. The plan takes on board input from local residents. Its policies will help our area go forward and help protect features which residents’ value, such as green space.”

Copies of the proposed Bracknell Town Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents (including the representation form/procedures to be followed in responding) are available to view on Bracknell Forest Council’s website:

If you have any queries, please get in touch with a member of the Development Plan Team, call 01344 352000 or email

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