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Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare

19th September 2018 Posted in Community News

Bracknell Town Council sits on the Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare Steering Group. Bracknell Town Mayor Cllr Sandra Ingham attended the Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare Annual General Meeting. Here she met with Alan Carr MBE, Chief Executive of The War Horse Memorial, toured the orchards, vineyards, sensory garden and also sampled some of the local produce grown in the gardens.

“Even with airplanes overhead Jealott’s Hill brings a great sense of peace and fulfilment and its restorative value is cherished by all visitors so perhaps it is understandable that the Community Landshare now has more than 1000 regular supporters” says Bracknell Town Mayor Cllr Sandra Ingham.

Alan Carr is the driving force behind Poppy, the war horse memorial on the roundabout by Heatherwood Hospital. He also championed the purple poppy which is being worn with the red poppy this year in memory of the role animals such as horses, donkeys and mules played in the First World War.

The statue of Poppy has no mane as manes were shorn off when horses went to war to minimise maintenance. Tails were also cropped, although Poppy has a small tail as a symbol of hope. Her head is bowed to reflect the bowing of the heads of the Armed Forces to the graves of anonymous soldiers. There is a number stamped onto her hoof as each war horse attached to a regiment had a serial number. Although horses do not cry, Poppy has a symbolic tear.

Jealott’s Hill Community Landshare (JHCL) is a six acre horticultural garden managed by volunteers, providing a welcoming and safe environment to grow produce and engage in activities to support biodiversity and the natural environment. JHCL is a place in which the community can come together to grow fruit and vegetables, work together on community projects or generally enjoy the peaceful, natural environment.


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