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Larges Lane Cemetery

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The cemetery in Larges Lane was created from 2.4 acres of ancient meadowland during the 1880’s. It has remained untouched by fertilizers and other chemicals and consequently has a rich variety of grasses and wildflowers. The cemetery currently only has space for the interment of cremated remains.

It is now managed to ensure the protection of these special plants and soon expects to gain Wildlife Heritage Status. The cemetery has won several awards under the “Living Churchyards and Cemeteries Scheme”.

The cemetery is open between 8am and sunset.   Please note that there is a parking restriction between 9.30am and 2.30pm on weekdays immediately outside the Cemetery gates.

There are no longer any burial plots available for purchase in the cemetery, but those families owning a plot may continue to have their family members interred.   Plots are still available to purchase for the interment of cremated remains. The Council aims to provide a peaceful oasis for visitors in the centre of Bracknell.  Certain adornments are not permitted on memorial stones.  These include any form of fencing or edging, wind chimes, balloons, glass containers and ornaments.  Glass vases are frequently knocked or blown by the wind.  Broken glass then becomes a hazard when the grassed area around the memorials is cut.  Plastic flowers and toys are not appropriate items to leave on memorials and may cause distress to others visiting the cemetery.  Fresh flowers in a vase may be placed in the chapel.   Every endeavour is made to ensure that the cemetery is maintained to a high standard and families are asked to adhere to the Council’s guidance.

Permission for the erection of all memorials must be sought from Bracknell Town Council.  Details of the regulations concerning memorials can be obtained from Brooke House.  Our price list is available to download or you can contact Brooke House for details.  Our prices will not increase and are remaining the same as 2018/19.

The Chapel

The Cemetery chapel is available for funerals and quiet reflection during the hours the cemetery is open. Please call the Cemetery Manager on 07918 638521 for further details.

Book of Remembrance

A permanent reminder of a loved one is possible by either having an engraved plaque in the chapel or by placing an entry in the Book of Remembrance.  This is opened at the day’s date and enables special remembrance to be given to those whose names are inscribed in the book.

Further information on either engraved plaques, the Book of Remembrance or any matter concerning the cemetery may be obtained by contacting us on 01344 420079 or e-mail

Chapel rsz.jpg
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