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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

13th October 2017 Posted in Community News

A motion was brought forward to council in relation to reducing Bracknell Town Council’s carbon footprint on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at Brooke House Council Chamber.

Bracknell Town Council Councillors discussed the motion and raised points of what the council are currently implementing or have already achieved to reduce its carbon footprint such as gradually changing all their strimmers and blowers to low emission low vibration units, they also have two electric strimmers. Bracknell Town Council are changing their lights to LEDs as part of the programmed work and replacing boilers with more economical units. Any new tractors purchased are brought with exhaust recycling as will a new vehicle due to be purchased.

A majority vote was in favour of the motion “This Council (a parish council) resolved to endeavour to reduce its carbon footprint.”

Leader of the Councillor, Cllr Chris Turrell said “This Council is forward-thinking, and has already made progress in reducing its carbon footprint. There are good opportunities ‎to go further, and these will be taken as they arise. We recognise the importance of this issue, and will continue to seek out more sustainable ways to carry out our work, mindful of our need to provide quality services and value for money.”

Cllr Dr Peter Hill added “I’m happy that some progress has been made with fellow Councillors recognising the need to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and on the health of our residents.  We now have the challenge of implementing this motion in coming years, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to deliver this agenda”.


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