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Environment Wardens

Bracknell Town Council sees environmental issues as an important part of delivering high quality recreational facilities for residents. We employ two Environment Wardens  who not only deal with littering and dog fouling but also run education sessions for Scouts, Guides, schools and other community groups.   Their responsibilities are:

  • Working closely with members of the public to address and educate on such issues as dog fouling, graffiti, fly-tipping, littering, inconsiderate parking and fishing etc.
  • Helping to maintain the Council’s land and buildings in good order for the use and enjoyment of the public
  • Working with young people to foster respect for the environment
  • Collecting and providing witness evidence
  • Enforcing the Dog Control Orders on BTC sites.

Dog Control Orders

From June 2014, all of our sites are covered by Dog Control Orders which give the Environment Wardens the power to enforce rules governing where dogs must be kept on a lead, or are prohibited etc.  Problems with dog fouling in or around play areas should be reported to us. Letting dogs foul and failing to clean up after them is a fineable offence. The Environment Warden will warn or fine offenders as necessary.

Litter and Dog Faeces

Bracknell Town Council provides over 150 bins for depositing litter and dog faeces at all of our parks and play areas. Bins are emptied weekly at minimum, more frequently if required, and within 48 hours for specific problems. The Council’s Environment Wardens are responsible for emptying bins.

All of our play areas are cleaned and checked for safety at least weekly. Some sites are visited several times a week if this is felt necessary. However, problems such as broken glass or occasional vandalism can occur within a few minutes of our maintenance staff leaving the site.


A community nature and fishing club has been formed at Jean’s Pond in Braybrooke Recreation Ground, Garth. The club will promote the benefits of caring for our environment as well as teaching responsible fishing. This includes the pond becoming accessible for people with a range of disabilities, with the goal of being awarded an Approved Fisheries Award by the British Disabled Angling Association. The project also includes plans for an environment education area with information about the various species of trees, plants, birds and fish that can be found there.  Our Environment Wardens are keen to promote responsible fishing and run “Introduction to Fishing” events for people of all ages and a ‘next step’ fishing day for young people aged 10 – 16 years. Not only are the skills required for fishing taught, but the importance and benefits of looking after our environment are promoted.

If you would to know more about Braybrooke Community Nature and Fishing Club or the services they can provide feel free to call 07714 481535 or email:

To obtain a copy of the Caring for our Environment leaflet click here.


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