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Bracknell Parks Tennis

Unlimited tennis per household – only £50 per year

To encourage use of our excellent new floodlit courts at Jocks Lane we have introduced an online system to gain access to the courts.  For £50 per household for the year you will be able to collect a card and you will then be able to gain entry and be able to play as many times as you want.

To join, register on-line with Bracknell Parks Tennis at or complete a form at one of our pavilion shops.

You can make bookings and will be able to gain entry when you have registered.

Bookings can either be made on-line, directly through the bookings system, which allows you to choose a court date and time up to 8 days in advance, or, if availability, there will also be an opportunity for one off games at £5.10 per hour on the day by phoning 01344 300380 or by calling at Jocks Lane pavilion shop.

The booking system will also operate at Great Hollands tennis courts, but this will initially be without a card entry system to gain access to the courts.

Enjoy playing your tennis at Jocks Lane and at Great Hollands.

Questions and answers

When are the courts open?
Each day from 8.00am to 10.00 pm. Some courts may be booked for coaching or a club activity.

Is tennis coaching provided?
Our tennis coaching provider is GD Tennis.  They can be contacted on 0118 947 7885.

Is there a tennis league?
This will operate from 26th May.

Does it matter if I join part way through the year?
Your card will operate for a year from purchase, with the option to cancel the following year.

Once I have paid for a card do I need to pay court fees?
Courts are free once you have bought your card, except for periods when floodlighting is needed, for which a £5 per hour charge will apply.

Do I get a card for each person in a household?
You will have one card per £50 paid , and this enables you to book one court at time, for up to two hours in a day and for up to eight days in advance.

How do I pay for the flood lights?
Flood lighting will be charged for courts booked from 8.00pm in Summer and 5.00pm in Winter. For this, £5 per hour will be charged when you book courts online or for bookings at the pavilion shop (when open) for these court times.

What happens if my card stops working or I lose it?
All cards are tested and work, so you would need to pay £5 for a replacement

What happens if there is another person playing on the court when I arrive?
You will be able to resolve the issue by reference to your online booking record, usually also with the help of BTC staff if the shop is open.

How do I cancel a booking?
We ask you to cancel on the website or by phone as soon as you know you will not be able to play, as a courtesy to others.

Am I tied into a contract?
If you do not pay to use the courts the following year, your card will cease working and provided this is returned, you will not pay again.

Bracknell Tennis League

Friendly, local and competitive tennis for adults of all standards!

An easy way for men and women (aged 18 and over) to play friendly, competitive singles. Open to players of all standards, it’s a great way to get back into tennis, to improve and to meet new people to play.

Players are organised into groups of a similar level and arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time over 8 weeks. Any court that suits both players can be used.

See how Greg Rusedski got on when he had a go!

Entry is £15 and you can join the Bracknell Tennis League here

Entries close Monday 10th April 2017

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