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Carbon Reduction Plan

Bracknell Town Council Carbon Reduction

There is a strong consensus within the international scientific community that climate change is occurring and is caused by human activity. Bracknell Town Council is taking steps to reduce its carbon emissions with an overall aim of reducing the negative impact that our organisation’s activities have on the environment. Economically, morally and environmentally, this makes good sense.

The scope of this policy is mainly focused on efforts to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption within our own operations where we have greater influence, but alongside this, we will continuously use our influence to promote carbon emissions reduction and clean energy usage to our Councillors, staff, residents and partners.

Our Vision

This Carbon Reduction Policy outlines Bracknell Town Council’s commitment to meeting the Government’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 as set out in the amended Climate Change Act 2008.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Embedding (and prioritising) achieving carbon neutrality into everything we do
  2. Having an ongoing programme of investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offset initiatives

“Standing by is not an option. Reaching net zero by 2050 is an ambitious target, but it is crucial that we achieve it to ensure we protect our planet for future generations.”
Prime Minister Theresa May – June 12, 2019

Our Aim

Achieve an average annual carbon footprint reduction of 2.5% from our own operation.

Our Commitments

  1. Establish and maintain a Carbon Footprint Reduction Working Group (CFRWG) to own this policy.
  2. Ensure that we have a performance-based annual Carbon Footprint Reduction Action Plan (CFRAP) in place.
  3. Ensure that the CFRWG meets at least twice a year to review the CFRAP and present carbon footprint reduction recommendations, through the committee structure, to the Environmental Services Committee.
  4. Aspire to ensure that at least 99% of our waste is diverted from landfill by reducing our waste, recycling, and reusing where possible.
  5. Measure and publish (on our website), by the end of January of each year, a carbon footprint report, the scope of which is defined as:
    1. Energy, water and fuel consumption in our buildings (monitored via utility bills and meter data)
    2. Fuel consumptions by the council’s vehicle fleets and machinery (monitored via fuel records)
  6. Increase carbon efficiency in terms of energy consumed per floor area within our own estate and services.
  7. Invest in highly energy-efficient plant and equipment to reduce CO2, where commercially viable.
  8. Procure energy to minimise costs and environmental impact.
  9. Reduce the use of plastics within our estate.
  10. Ensure all future plans and policies takes this document into consideration, by answering this basic question:
    1. How does the plan/policy support the aim outlined in this Carbon Footprint Reduction Policy?
  11. Produce and maintain an annual tree-planting programme to help offset our carbon emissions.
  12. Introduce into our procurement supplier selection process, a minimum requirement for an environmental policy.
  13. Promote climate change and carbon emission reduction awareness to Councillors, staff, residents and partners.
  14. Ensure we operate within all environmental regulations as imposed by UK law.
  15. Review this policy document once in every election cycle to ensure that it continues to meet our aim and local priorities.


In 2017, Bracknell Town Council has a carbon footprint of 176 tonnes (metric) CO2. This is composed of energy (60%), vehicles (31.7%), tools (3.3%) and water (5%). We used a total of 8505 cubic metres of water. We paid £77,056 in electricity (£15,009), gas (£14,859), water (£26,129) and fuel (£21,059) bills in 2017/18.


The Council has ultimate responsibility for this policy but recognises that every individual, Councillor, staff and partner must contribute to the success of the aim we have set out on this page.


Our latest Energy Figures:

Things we are Already Doing:

  • Reducing plastic usage in our pavilion shops
  • Leasing electric vehicles for our grounds team
  • Sourcing renewable energy for our utilities
  • Installing solar panels onto our buildings where possible
  • Replacing old boilers for energy efficient models
  • Printing less in the office in order to use less paper
  • Sending emails rather than sending letters
  • Planting areas of wild flower meadows to encourage biodiversity
  • Installing sensor lighting where possible
  • Installed drinking fountains to encourage re-filling of water bottles in some of our parks
  • Had an energy efficiency survey completed on all sites to plan improvements
  • Plant a minimum of 200 whips per year




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