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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Act 2005

Information Available

A guide to what information is available is given in the Town Council’s ‘Model Publication Scheme.’ This list is, however, not exhaustive and all reasonable requests for information not detailed on the list, will be considered.

Information not Available

  • Information relating to any currently running quotation / tender process
  • Anything relating to the personal circumstances of staff
  • Any information protected by the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Documentation which has been archived away from the Council Offices

Availability of Information

Much of the information given in the Model Publication Scheme is available on this web site.

Other information is available upon request in writing to the Town Council:

Bracknell Town Council
Brooke House
54 High Street
RG12 1LL

Some information may only be available for viewing at the Council Offices (e.g. old burial registers). Viewing of this information is available during the standard office opening hours (9.00am – 4.30pm Monday – Thursday, 9.00a.m. – 4.00p.m. Friday) and can be arranged by appointment.

Information will be provided in the language in which it is held. Where the authority is legally required to translate any information it will do so, although suitable timescales for this to occur should be allowed.

Obligations under disability and discrimination legislation and any other legislation to provide information in other forms and formats will be adhered to when providing information in accordance with this scheme.

Charges made for information published under this scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to make the maximum amount of information readily available at minimum inconvenience and cost to the public. Charges made by the Council for routinely published material will be justified and transparent and kept to a minimum.
Material which is published and accessed on the website will be provided free of charge.

Charges may be made however for actual disbursements incurred, such as:

  • Photocopying
  • Postage and Packaging
  • Any costs directly incurred as a result of viewing information

If a charge is to be made, confirmation of the payment due will be given before the information is provided. Payment may be requested prior to the provision of the information.


20 working days should be allowed for formal Freedom of Information requests.

Information which is routinely available will be dealt with as soon as possible, and within 5 working days from receipt of the request. If this timescale cannot be met for any reason, contact will be made with the individual making the request, explaining the reason for the delay, and giving an indication of when the information will be available.

If it is necessary for an individual to view information at the Council Offices, the individual making the request will be contacted within 5 working days to arrange an appointment convenient to both parties.


If information requested is not made available, the Town Council’s standard complaints procedure will be followed.

Adoption of the Scheme

The scheme adopted by the Town Council has been approved by the Information Commissioner.


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