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Play Equipment Repairs

At Bracknell Town Council we manage 36 parks and green spaces. When a piece of equipment is faulty, broken or unsafe, we remove it for the safety of our residents. Below you can find a list of which parks have missing equipment and whether we will be replacing it. Due to the lead times of suppliers, some of these pieces may not be replaced for up to 12 weeks. Please be aware that we are trying to replace equipment as fast and as safely as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by any missing play apparatus.

Birch Hill Missing Equipment
Birch Hill Central Cradle Swing – to be replaced
Birch Hill Rec (Jameston) One of the football goals has been removed due to vandalism
Dryden Woods
Latimer The zip wire is no longer fit for purpose and will be replaced with another piece of equipment

The safety surfacing beneath the buddy swing will be replaced.



Great Hollands Missing Equipment
East Lodge DDA roundabout out of action, bearing ceased and awaiting replacement.
Great Hollands Rec DDA roundabout is awaiting a new bearing and the safety surfacing is due to be restored level with the roundabout

Springer – to be replaced

Home Farm


Bullbrook Missing Equipment
Bullbrook Drive
Freeborn Way
The Elms


Harmans Water Missing Equipment
Calfridus Way
Cumnor Way
Harmans Water The tyre swing is out of order due to persistent vandalism
Oareborough Empty surfaced area to be replaced with new rocker


Crown Wood Missing Equipment
Crown Row/Leaves Green
Nettlecombe Junior swing – to be replaced


Priestwood Missing Equipment
Anneforde Place
Braybrooke Rec
Jocks Lane Rec The large climbing frame will be replaced due to being set on fire. This will take a while due to lead times and insurance processes.
Pollardrow Avenue
Stoney Road Empty surfaced area to be replaced with new rocker


Easthampstead Missing Equipment
South Hill Road
The Green


Wildridings Missing Equipment
Mill Park Junior swing – to be replaced



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  • Check if you are eligible for our TV Grant scheme under Services
  • The splash pads at Jocks Lane and Great Hollands are OPEN daily 11:00am - 4:30pm

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