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Anyone wishing to fish at Jeans’ Pond, Braybrooke or the River Cut at Jocks Lane will either need to be a member of the Braybrooke Nature and Fishing Club or purchase a day ticket.   The club is open to all residents of Bracknell Forest and is very community focused.  To become a member, book online here

  • Brooke House will no longer process applications either in person or by post.
  • Jocks Lane shop will no longer sell day tickets.

Braybrooke pond closed season is from 1 – 31st May.

Membership prices are as follows:

Membership Type Cost Notes
Full Adult £22
Full Family £27 £5 per additional child
Junior £12
Senior £17
Day Ticket £6

For more information please contact our Environment Warden or  or via Facebook

North Lake and Mill Pond

The fishing rights on North Lake are managed by the Bracknell Herons Fishing Club. Day tickets to fish at both North Lake and Mill Pond can be obtained from the Crowthorne Angling Centre, 91-95 Church Street, Crowthorne, Tel No: 01344 777411,**Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, day tickets are currently unavailable.  However, if you wish to become a member of the Bracknell Herons angling club, please call George Joyce on 01344 302367.

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  • Check if you are eligible for our TV Grant scheme under Services
  • Due to the national lockdown our tennis courts will be closed from 5th January until 28th February.

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