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The Town Mayor

Councillor Simon Carter has been elected as Bracknell Town Mayor for the year 2023/24 representing the parish of Bracknell Town, and has has chosen Power of Parenting as his charity.

About Power of Parenting

Power of Parenting believes in equal opportunity for all children and recognises the invaluable work Foster Families do to enable children to have a normal life filled with warmth and kindness created in a safe, loving environment.

To advance the education prospects of young people who are looked after or in care. To advance the education of the public in matters regarding fostered children and the good work done by foster families to support children’s needs and help them reach their potential.

Registered charity number 1167772

The Deputy Town Mayor

Councillor Mrs Elizabeth Baker has been elected as Deputy Town Mayor for the year 2023/24. The Deputy Town Mayor attends events when the Town Mayor is unavailable and should be treated just like the Town Mayor as they are there on the Town Mayor’s behalf.

Mayoral Invitations

If you would like to invite the Town Mayor or Deputy Town Mayor to any local events please contact us by completing the Mayoral Engagement Form and email to: or use the online form below.

Please submit your request at least two weeks before your event as the Mayor may not be able to accept late requests.  Although these dates are updated regularly, you are advised to check with Brooke House before making any arrangements based on them.

If you just wish to send a message, please complete the Town Mayor’s contact page.


Donations to the Town Mayor’s Fund can be made via electronic bank transfer:

Bracknell Town Council Account No: 00033128 Sort Code: 30-91-11

Current Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor

 Simon Carter

Simon Carter  

M: 07503 411199


 Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth Baker  
Crown Wood

T: 01344 420079 (office hours only)


Deputy Mayor

Mayoral calendar

Sri Lankan New Year Cultural Event
Sunday, 5th May 2024
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Sri Lankan New Year Cultural Event

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