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TV Licence Grant

What Is It?

Bracknell Town Council (BTC) is the only Parish or Town Council within the UK that offers this kind of scheme. Parish and Town Councils manage public money and provide services and facilities to the community. Most of the funds managed by BTC are spent on parks, play areas and sports facilities which benefit the youth and families in the Borough. The TV Licence Grant Scheme was developed to ensure that the older generation benefits too. The rules of this scheme can be found below, please read them carefully to ensure that you or your family member are fully eligible.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To be eligible for the TV Licence Grant Scheme of £30, applicants must fulfil ALL of the following criteria:


Be of State Pension Age

Applicants must be able to provide valid proof of their age, demonstrating that they have reached State Pension Age


Be in receipt of Pension Credit

Applicants must receive Pension Credit and provide evidence of their entitlement through a valid entitlement letter. For full details on Pension Credit eligibility, applicants can refer to the  information provided at


Have lived in Bracknell for at least one year

Applicants must provide documentation, such as a utility bill or bank statement, as proof of their residence in Bracknell for a minimum period of one year.


Applicants are not currently in receipt of a free TV Licence 

If you are in receipt of a free TV Licence or benefit from a 50% concession due to being blind (severely sight impaired) you will not be eligible for this grant


Email your Pension Credit letter

Email your pension credit letter to to show that you are currently receiving pension credit.


Purchasing your TV Licence

If you think you qualify for the grant, you must purchase your TV licence before you apply, using one of the options listed below:

  • Online by Direct Debit, either annually, quarterly or monthly.
  • By phone, using a debit or credit card. Please call 0300 790 6144 with your bank details and TV Licence number to hand.
  • At a PayPoint outlet (see below), using cash or a debit card. You will need to bring your licence renewal notice and keep your receipt.
  • With a TV Licensing savings card, using cash or a debit card. Save towards the cost of your licence at any PayPoint outlet, or over the phone on 0300 555 0286.
  • By Post, by sending your payment slip (if you have one) along with a cheque to TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL. Please make your cheque payable to ‘TV Licensing’ and write your name, address and TV Licence number on the back. Do not fold or staple your cheque, and do not send cash in the post.

PayPoint Outlets

ESSO Twin Bridges Services, Downshire Way RG12 1QN

Spar 125-127 Binfield Road RG42 2AP

Shell Binfield Road 78-82 Binfield Road RG42 2AS

Esso East Berks London Road RG12 2TB

Morrisons Daily 6 Priestwood Square RG42 1UD

Bracknell Stores Wokingham Road RG42 1PB

Londis 2-3 The Square RG12 9LP

Premier – Star Supermarket 32 Reeds Hill RG12 7LS

Great Hollands Off Licence 10 Great Hollands Square RG12 8UX

Londis 13-15 Great Hollands Square RG12 8UX

Martin’s 17 Great Hollands Square RG12 8UX

Morrisons Daily 5 Crown Row Bracknell RG12 0TE

Co-op – Jennetts Park Falcon Way RG12 8DQ

Co-op – Hanworth Bywood RG12 7RF

Morrisons Daily 94-95 Liscombe RG12 7DE


How to Apply for a TV Licence Grant

Grants can be either submitted via the online form below or by telephone.

The Television Licence must be in the name of the person claiming the grant.  Payment will be by Electronic Banking which will be paid on the Friday of the week the grant is claimed and will only be issued against a valid TV licence for the current year.  We may contact you for proof of ID by email if this is your first claim.

The following documents may be required if you have not claimed before. If that is the case you will be contact by a member of staff:

  1. A valid TV Licence: – if you pay by Direct Debit please be prepared to have your licence checked on-line
  2. Proof of pension credit entitlement from January 2021

This is a scheme operated by Bracknell Town Council. People living in other parts of Bracknell Forest i.e. Warfield, Winkfield, Binfield, Crowthorne and Sandhurst DO NOT qualify as the scheme is paid for out of that part of the Council Tax which is collected on behalf of Bracknell Town Council.


If you have any queries, which are not mentioned in this guide, please contact us at Brooke House on 01344 420079

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Bracknell Town Council (BTC, “we” and “us”) may process information relating to you (including personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998), including holding such information in a manual format or electronic database, to satisfy contractual, regulatory or statutory requirements we may have. Unless we receive specific written instructions to the contrary you agree that we may process this information to fulfil such obligations.




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  • Check if you are eligible for our TV Grant scheme under Services
  • The splash pads at Jocks Lane and Great Hollands are OPEN daily 11:00am - 4:30pm

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