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Jocks Lane Improvements

26th March 2024 Posted in Council News

Thanks to the community for sharing your concerns regarding the new play unit installed at Jocks Lane Recreation Ground.  Bracknell Town Council understands your disappointment with the size and features of the new equipment compared to the previous unit which was set on fire.

The new play unit is specifically designed for children aged 1 to 9 years old and is intended to be installed within an enclosed area, ensuring a safer environment for our younger visitors.  The previous unit, which was designed for an older age group, had posed some risks with several incidents of younger children falling through the bars.

Please be assured that Bracknell Town Council is committed to providing quality play facilities for all age groups.  We are currently in the process of the second phase of improvements at Jocks Lane Recreation Ground, which includes exploring the installation of a more challenging play unit on the field area, catered specifically for older children.

Bracknell Town Council takes its responsibility for maintaining and updating play areas within its jurisdiction very seriously.  We strive to ensure that our facilities not only provide enjoyment but also prioritise the safety of all users.

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to complete the second stage of these improvements. Our goal is to create a well-rounded recreation space that caters to the needs of children of all ages.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we continue to enhance the play facilities at Jocks Lane Recreation Ground for the benefit of our community.


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