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Council documents

NameSizeReview Date
NameSizeReview Date
Administration & Governance
Meeting Schedule 2019-2083.0 KiB
Organisational Chart302.6 KiB
Code of Conduct 2016-2020328.7 KiB
Standing Orders738.0 KiB2018 - 19
Privacy Notice129.6 KiB2018 - 19
Meetings Schedule 2020-21147.2 KiB2020-21
Consultation Strategy - Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan238.0 KiBDecember 2019
Financial Regulations569.1 KiBJuly 2017
Annual accounts report
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 201914.8 KiB
Annual Return 20161.1 MiB2016-17
Annual Return 2017461.5 KiB2017 -18
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017-18468.5 KiB2017-18
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018-19256.2 KiB2018-19
CIL Return34.4 KiB2018-19
Exercise of Rights108.8 KiB2018-19
Financial Statement 2019202.7 KiB2018-19
Final Accounts 2019-204.4 MiB2019-20
Annual Governance and Accountability Return2.8 MiB2019-20
Exercise of Rights 2019-20108.5 KiB2019-20
Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2019-20201.7 MiB2019-2020
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020106.3 KiB2020-21
Application forms
Allotment Application Form296.5 KiB
Annual Grant Application Form916.6 KiB
Mayoral Engagement Form246.3 KiB2018 - 19
Senior Football Pitch Application Form310.3 KiB2020-21
Junior Football Pitch Application Form311.7 KiB2020-21
Great Hollands Ball Courts Application Form310.1 KiB2020-21
Synthetic Pitch Application Form310.4 KiB2020-21
TV Grant Application Form506.8 KiB2020-21
Covid-19 Guidance
Coronavirus How to Help your Community26.9 KiB
Coronavirus Community Pack2.3 MiB
Coronavirus Do You Need Help from your Community?26.9 KiB
Financial documents
CIL Return 2018-1930.9 KiB
Strategic Plan1.2 MiB2018
Annual Governance and Accountability Return468.4 KiB2018-19
Guides and leaflets
Bracknell Matters8.8 MiB
Payments to suppliers
201801 Payment to Suppliers January - March 2018232.1 KiB2018 - 19
201802 Payment to Suppliers April - June 2018233.7 KiB2018 - 19
201804 - Payment to Suppliers October - December 2018227.7 KiB2018 - 19
201803 Payment to Suppliers July - September 2018232.1 KiB2018-19
201903 Payments to Suppliers July to September 2019428.4 KiB2019
201904 Payments to Suppliers October to December 2019419.4 KiB2019
201902 Payment to Suppliers April to June 2019240.7 KiB2019
201901 Payment to Suppliers January to March 2019239.0 KiB2019 -20
202002 Payments to Suppliers April - June 2020115.0 KiB2020-21
202001 Payments to Suppliers January - March 2020426.3 KiB2020-21
202003 Payments to Suppliers July -September 2020111.9 KiB2020-21
Policy documents
Equality Policy30.5 KiB
Annual Grant Policy319.7 KiB2020-21
Comments, Compliments or Complaints Policy453.0 KiBDecember 2019
Child Protection And Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy673.6 KiBDecember 2019
BTC Publication Scheme And FoI Policy201.9 KiBMarch 2018
Carbon Footprint Policy194.8 KiBMarch 2020

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  • Check if you are eligible for our TV Grant scheme under Services
  • Our play areas will remain open during lockdown
  • Coffee shops at Jocks Lane and Great Hollands open at weekends only 10.30-4.00
  • Tennis courts, basketball courts, skatepark, Astro Turf ¬†and multi use games areas CLOSED
  • Toilets at Great Hollands and Jocks Lane pavilions open WEEKENDS ONLY

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