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Council documents

NameSizeReview Date
NameSizeReview Date
Administration & Governance
Meeting Schedule 2019-2083.0 KiB
Organisational Chart302.6 KiB
Code of Conduct 2016-2020328.7 KiB
Standing Orders738.0 KiB2018 - 19
Privacy Notice129.6 KiB2018 - 19
Consultation Strategy - Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan238.0 KiBDecember 2019
Financial Regulations569.1 KiBJuly 2017
Annual accounts report
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 201914.8 KiB
Annual Return 20161.1 MiB2016-17
Annual Return 2017461.5 KiB2017 -18
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017-18468.5 KiB2017-18
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018-19256.2 KiB2018-19
CIL Return34.4 KiB2018-19
Exercise of Rights108.8 KiB2018-19
Financial Statement 2019202.7 KiB2018-19
Application forms
Allotment Application Form296.5 KiB
Mayoral Engagement Form246.3 KiB2018 - 19
Great Hollands Ball Courts Application Form266.1 KiB2018 - 19
Junior Football Pitch Application Form267.6 KiB2019 - 20
Synthetic Pitch Application Form266.6 KiB2019 -20
Senior Football Pitch Application Form266.6 KiB2019-20
Financial documents
CIL Return 2018-1930.9 KiB
Strategic Plan1.2 MiB2018
Annual Governance and Accountability Return468.4 KiB2018-19
Guides and leaflets
Bracknell Matters8.8 MiB
Payments to suppliers
201801 Payment to Suppliers January - March 2018232.1 KiB2018 - 19
201802 Payment to Suppliers April - June 2018233.7 KiB2018 - 19
201804 - Payment to Suppliers October - December 2018227.7 KiB2018 - 19
201803 Payment to Suppliers July - September 2018232.1 KiB2018-19
201902 Payment to Suppliers April to June 2019240.7 KiB2019
201901 Payment to Suppliers January to March 2019239.0 KiB2019 -20
Policy documents
Equality Policy30.5 KiB
Comments, Compliments or Complaints Policy453.0 KiBDecember 2019
Child Protection And Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy673.6 KiBDecember 2019
BTC Publication Scheme And FoI Policy201.9 KiBMarch 2018

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