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Council documents

NameSizeReview Date
NameSizeReview Date
Administration & Governance
Consultation Strategy - Bracknell Neighbourhood Plan238.0 KiBDecember 2019
Dispensation Procedure456.1 KiBDecember 2019
Financial Regulations569.1 KiBJuly 2017
Meeting Schedule 2016-17141.1 KiBMay 2017
Members Code Of Conduct470.7 KiBDecember 2019
Standing Orders922.8 KiBDecember 2017
Application forms
Allotment Application Form296.5 KiB
Annual Grant Application Form 2018-19317.5 KiB
Great Hollands Ball Courts Application Form125.2 KiB2017 - 18
Junior Football Pitch Application Form127.3 KiB2017 - 18
Senior Football Pitch Application Form125.4 KiB2017-18
Synthetic Pitch Application Form125.4 KiB2017 -18
Financial documents
Annual Return 2016-2017288.5 KiB
Annual Return 2017214.9 KiB09-08-2017
Annual Return for Year Ended 31st March 2017458.8 KiB
BTC Budget 2015-1642.6 KiB
Budget 2016-1780.5 KiB
CIL Return36.2 KiB
Financial Statement 2016222.6 KiB
Financial Statements 2016-17 Signed Copy197.0 KiB
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 20176.2 KiB
Guides and leaflets
Bracknell-matters4.9 MiBSept 2016
Payments to suppliers
201501 Payments To Suppliers January 2015100.6 KiB
201502 Payments To Suppliers February 201599.4 KiB
201503 Payments To Suppliers March 2015102.1 KiB
201504 Payments To Suppliers April 2015108.0 KiB
201505 Payment To Suppliers May 1593.5 KiB
201506 Payment To Suppliers June 2015103.5 KiB
201507 Payment To Suppliers July 2015100.8 KiB
201508 Payment To Suppliers August 201595.5 KiB
201509 Payment to Suppliers September 2015101.3 KiB
201510 Payment to Suppliers October 201595.6 KiB
201511 Payment to Suppliers November 201595.6 KiB
201512 Payment to Suppliers December 201598.8 KiB
201601 Payment to Suppliers January 201699.4 KiB
201602 Payments to Suppliers February 201695.7 KiB
201603 Payments to Suppliers March 2016104.2 KiB
201604 Payment to Suppliers April 2016138.8 KiB
201605 Payment to Suppliers May 2016127.9 KiB
201606 Payments to Suppliers June 2016127.3 KiB
201607 Payment to Suppliers July 2016131.5 KiB
201608 Payments to Suppliers August 2016133.1 KiB
201609 Payments to Suppliers September 2016126.1 KiB
201610 Payment to Suppliers October 2016220.0 KiB
201611 Payment to Suppliers November 2016200.1 KiB
201612 Payments to Suppliers December 2016201.7 KiB
201701 Payment to Suppliers January 2017205.0 KiB
201702 Payment to Suppliers February 2017208.7 KiB
201703 Payment to Suppliers March 2017216.3 KiB
201704 Payment to Suppliers April 2017217.1 KiB
201705 Payment to Suppliers May 2017205.4 KiB
201706 Payment to Suppliers June 2017209.1 KiB
201707 Payment to Suppliers July 2017211.0 KiB
201708 Payment to Suppliers August 2017205.6 KiB
Policy documents
Amenity Land Policy73.4 KiBMarch 2017
BTC Publication Scheme And FoI Policy201.9 KiBMarch 2017
Business Plan527.9 KiBMarch 2016
CCTV Policy367.4 KiBDecember 2019
Child Protection And Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy673.6 KiBDecember 2019
Comments, Compliments or Complaints Policy453.0 KiBDecember 2019
Dog Control Orders438.9 KiB
Employer Policy Statement358.7 KiB
Geocaching Policy25.0 KiBMarch 2017
Grass Cutting Policy192.8 KiBMarch 2017
Model Aircraft & Flying of Drones Policy119.9 KiB
Salt Bin Policy26.6 KiBMarch 2017
Sickness and Absence Policy438.2 KiBDecember 2019
Ward maps
Bracknell Town Boundary1.7 MiB
Bullbrook471.0 KiB
Crown Wood318.8 KiB
Great Hollands North477.3 KiB
Great Hollands South298.1 KiB
Hanworth388.3 KiB
Harmans Water376.3 KiB
Old Bracknell415.3 KiB
Priestwood And Garth428.4 KiB
Wildridings And Central297.2 KiB

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